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Russo on Energy LLC advises pipeline companies, investors and analysts on FERC's review process for siting:

  • Interstate natural gas pipelines,
  • Cross-border natural gas pipelines that export gas to Mexico and Canada
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, and
  • LNG Peak Shaving facilities

Our knowledge of the NEPA review process is extensive and includes how Federal and State Clean Water Act section 401 and 404 permits, Coastal Zone Management Act determinations and Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act compliance can affect when the projects actually are approved and can begin construction. We are also thought leaders in the field with respect to rethinking natural gas pipelines and storage facilities

Russo on Energy also provide investors an overview of Natural Gas Act Section 4, 5 and 7 rate making and the implications that these have on returns on equity for existing and new natural gas pipelines. In addition, Russo on Energy also provides advice and insights on interstate oil and other liquid petroleum pipelines regulated by FERC. 

Our Expertise in Natural Gas Pipelines and LNG Terminals

As a former FERC regulator, Tom Russo, our founder, was a well respected Manager and Senior Energy Industry Analyst at FERC. He is very familiar with the Natural Gas Act, Natural Gas Policy Act, and associated National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations. He authored the Energy Chapter of the Handbook of Environmental Assessment by Blackwell Publishing and contributed to the preparation of "Considering Cumulative Effects under the National Environmental Policy Act" by the President's Council for Environmental Quality. He was involved with early efforts that established FERC's Pre-Filing Process for natural gas facilities. Tom has worked with hundreds of agencies and NGOs and has an excellent record for getting projects completed often through creative comprehensive settlements that meet the approval of FERC. 

Russo on Energy also brings a significant level of regulatory experience for natural gas, LNG, oil and natural gas liquid (NGL) projects and markets. The company is familiar with:

  • Section 7c of the Natural Gas Act (NGA) as it pertains to construction, operation and abandonment of interstate natural gas pipelines, and storage facilities.
  • NGA section 3 and the DOE Presidential Permit program that affects approval of LNG Import and Export terminals, cross border pipelines, and 
  • Section 311 and Hinshaw intrastate pipelines governed by the Natural Gas Policy Act.

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