Installing hydropower at a Corps of Engineers dam

Hydropower Consulting

  • Corps Dam with no power
  • Installing hydropower in water supply pipeline
  • Closed_Loop Pumped Storage Projects

Russo on Energy LLC is an expert in FERC hydropower licensing of existing and proposed new projects. We work jointly GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc, who specialize in dam safety and analysis of dams. We specialize in advising project developers and financial investors on FERC's hydropower licensing process and assessing the risks of conventional and pumped storage projects.  We specialize in analyzing the following projects: 

  • Relicensing existing FERC hydropower projects
  • Licensing newly proposed Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Pumped Storage Projects
  • Licensing projects at existing non-power dams,
  • FERC hydro-compliance and dam safety inspections, and
  • Proposed conduits exemptions

Exceptional Expertise in Hydropower

Russo on Energy is thoroughly familiar with the the environmental requirements for hydropower projects required by FERC. 

As a former FERC regulator, Tom Russo, our founder, is a well respected National Hydropower Expert and former Manager and Senior Energy Industry Analyst at FERC and familiar with the Federal Power Act and associated NEPA regulations. He authored the Energy Chapter of the Handbook of Environmental Assessment by Blackwell Publishing and contributed to the preparation of "Considering Cumulative Effects under the National Environmental Policy Act' by the President's Council for Environmental Quality. Mr. Russo has also advised the World Commission on Dams on best mitigation practices when constructing and operating hydropower projects. He has managed hundreds of environmental assessments of proposed and existing hydropower projects. Tom has worked with hundreds of agencies and NGOs and has an excellent record for getting projects completed often through creative comprehensive settlements that meet the approval of FERC. 

Russo on Energy is also familiar with:

  • Sections , 4e, 10a and 10j of the Federal Power Act,
  • Sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act and the Coastal Zone Management Act,
  • Numerous federal statutes dealing with the Endangered Species Act, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and National Historic Preservation Act
  • America' Water Infrastructure Act of 2018

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