Short Term Consulting for Gas, Power Utilities

Russo on Energy offers short-term consulting services to electric and gas utilities and energy developers without the risk or cost of an in-house team. Sometimes your team needs:

  1. Just an hour of expertise or at most a few hours of frank discussion to clarify a strategy or your understanding of an issue or 
  2. A half day or full day deep dive into issues affecting your company that a 1 hour webinar can't provide

That's where we come in. We offer short term consulting services via telephone or online video that cover all of our consulting areas:

  • Energy Transition
  • Natural Gas and LNG
  • Hydropower Licensing and Compliance
  • NEPA and Environmental Permitting
  • FERC regulatory matters in the above matters

Please contact us to discuss your needs and a quote or call 703-375-9482.