Wind turbine heights

Atlantic Coast states obstruct offshore wind despite saying it's wanted

Wind turbine heights

One would think that renewables like wind projects would have an easy time in getting permitted. Think again. It took America's first offshore wind farm seven years to begin construction. Is this good for America? I don't think so. Nor is it good for coastal states and their rate payers who are relying on offshore wind to save the day instead of nuclear and gas fired power plants. We need to stop fooling ourselves and rethink our environmental reviews of offshore wind and our over the top and politically correct opposition to natural gas and LNG terminals. The article below takes a hard look at how offshore wind is permitted and some of the options needed to improve it. 

Russo, T. (2018, August). Atlantic Coast states obstruct offshore wind despite saying it's wanted. Natural Gas & Electricity 35/1, p. 28.  Read more

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