ferc licensing


Pumped Storage Hydro Project

Russo on Energy LLC is an expert in hydropower and especially licensing and relicensing FERC hydropower projects. We work jointly GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc, who specializes in dam safety and environmental analysis of dams and hydropower projects. 

Russo on Energy LLC can assist developers seeking a FERC preliminary permit to study the feasibility of hydropower projects. We also perform due diligence studies and independent assessments for  investors and developers interested in purchasing hydropower projects.

Russo on Energy LLC and GZA GeoEnvironmental also offer a complete relicensing or original licensing package to developers. This includes

  1. Preparing Applicant's Agency Questionnaire, 
  2. Pre-Application Document (PAD),
  3. Applicant-Prepared Environmental Assessment and
  4. Draft and Final license applications for projects

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