Training and Consulting


Russo on Energy has provided training to over 27,000 individuals globally on natural gas and LNG matters via online training courses through the University of Buffalo and and EUCI. Tom Russo, our President, also teaches energy security, markets and regulatory courses at the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University. 

Russo on Energy LLC provided training to the the Department of Defense, Southern California Public Power Authority, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, California Department of Water Resources, National Grid, Southern Gas,  Minnesota Department of Commerce, Enel-X, Cheniere LNG, Philadelphia Gas Works, Spire Energy, Enbridge, CAISO, ISOI-New England, and staff members from the Department of Energy, FERC, Bureau of Reclamation, Bonneville Power Administration, and Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. See our list of online training courses. 


Russo on Energy LLC delivers unparalleled strategic and tactical advice on energy security. We specialize in natural gas, liquefied natural gas, hydropower and FERC regulatory matters as well as cybersecurity of energy systems. We also provide training hydropower licensing, natural gas pipelines and LNG terminals and the National Environmental Policy Act to electric and natural gas utilities and government agencies. The company leverages 
Tom Russo's 30+ years of experience at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and works with other companies in the energy sector. 

Russo on Energy LLC is also provides expert testimony regarding FERC Hydropower, interstate natural gas pipelines, LNG terminals and LNG Peak shaving and NEPA implementation.

Examples of Our Work and Research

Our Energy Blog will give you an idea of our research capabilities on energy security, energy transition, natural gas, LNG, hydropower, electricity and NEPA regulatory matters. 

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